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Travel To Walt Disney World To Experience The Magic

We have all heard about how magical Walt Disney World is, but why not travel to Walt Disney World to experience the magic for yourself. Let’s have a look at what’s to see.

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle is the focal point to the Magic Kingdom and many refer to it as a landmark. Magic Kingdom is taken from Disneyland in California and is for the children even though adults of all ages love it too. It’s about a small world where people of all ages and all skin colors live in harmony. It’s a strong message about humanity. But if you aren’t fond of screaming youngsters, especially toddlers with there shrill tones you probably should stay clear of Magic Kingdom.

You should be warned that lineups can be long, food is expensive, and Disney merchandise which is available everywhere is also overpriced. That said you are simply going to love the “magic” of Magic Kingdom.


This is the theme park to visit for an educational experience. There are two major areas – Future World and World Showcase. Future is made up of a variety of futuristic attractions while World shows a variety of international locations relating to goods and services, including foods from different countries.

It’s a great way to learn about the world today, as well as what the future holds in store. The members of your family that are in tune with the past and the future will find Epcot very rewarding. It’s an incredible adventure that you are not going to forget any time soon.

MGM Studios

This is the theme park that has the 20th Century movie theme. Watch the filming of the latest movie. Take a ride through an action packed set. Here you will find all kinds of Thrill rides. It’s a great place for the thrill seekers in the crowd. Ride the roller coaster, which drops 13 stories. It’s the thrill of a lifetime is here. You’ll go home with all your thrill dreams come true. Your kids are going to be pumped forever!

Animal Kingdom

This is a mix of theme and zoo. There are all kinds of animal exhibits throughout the park as well as some terrific themed rides through the rainforest, safari, and even through the rapid waters on a raft. Come face to face with creatures from around the world. If you are really adventurous, you might even encounter the dinosaurs from a long time ago.

When you travel to Walt Disney World, you’ll discover there’s so much to see and do that you simply can’t take it all in during one visit. So rather than rushing around, becoming stressed, and not enjoying yourself, why not choose what you most want to see. That way you won’t become exhausted. It also means you’ll save some things to see next visit.

When you travel to Walt Disney World, you are going to experience the magic and you will have memories that will last a lifetime. So when will you be going? Walt Disney World awaits you! Can’t you hear it calling?

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