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Disney World Travel Tips For A Family Reunion

There are all kinds of reasons to have a family reunion in Disney World; after all, there is no better place for a full family get-together than here. These Disney World travel tips for a family reunion will give you some great ideas.

Disney World has activities for family members of all ages plus the warm Florida climate means that you can plan it any time of the year. In fact, if your family comes from colder regions they will really enjoy the retreat to a warmer climate. If you can plan off-season, you can save a bundle and by a bundle, we mean as much as 50%. Now that’s impressive.

Start by putting a couple of people in charge of doing the research, planning, and then coming up with workable ideas. They’ll also be responsible for keeping things organized, and finding the best prices. It’s also a good way to keep family bickering and tension to a minimum because there isn’t a whole bunch of people all trying to make their idea fly.

It’s also a good idea to have one-person act as the travel coordinator arranging car pools to the airport, flights, and diving costs up so that even those that can’t afford to go can go.

There are many ways to make your family reunion a terrific individual family vacation too! For example, you can divide time up. You can have family reunion time, and then you can have time for everyone to explore their own interests.

Adults can take turns babysitting youngsters so that everyone gets some quality adult time and the tots still have a great time together. Teens should be allowed to go off in groups for period of agreed upon time. It’s a good idea to have a cell phone in each group to keep things in order and for emergency contact.

If you stay at one of the Walt Disney World, resorts these Disney World travel tips are going to be even more helpful. You will likely qualify for many additional discounts and likely some benefits and additional services especially if your team has been very aggressive when they were doing all the bookings.

Your planners should have negotiated things like party planning services that could be utilized for free, a banquet room for a very reduced fee, and even decorations, and reduce food costs. It’s up to your planners to get the most they can out of the resort, which would be one of the most important Disney World Travel tips.

Disney World has many attractions and restaurants that are large enough to accommodate a large party so make sure that all options are thoroughly explored.

Here is your most important of all Disney World travel tip – bring plenty of cameras and smiles. You are going to want all kinds of great photos of this very memorable family reunion.

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